September 7, 2014

Love & Hip Hop's Momma Dee's Tooth Falls Out During Single Showcase [VIDEO]


Well it hasn't been quite the weekend for Momma Dee. Seems as if Momma Dee's tooth is getting more attention than her single release showcase. YES, Momma Dee put on a 30-min SINGING showcase to commend her spiraling debut single "I Deserve". 

It is within this showcase around the 7:20 mark, her tooth felt it deserved to take a break and cause a mishap into her set. Quickly, Momma Dee caught on and placed that tooth back in order. The show continued after that. "I Deserve" is the only single Momma Dee owns and sang during her touching showcase. Momma Dee sang covers of great classic R&B hits. The showcase was phenomenally put together with a live band and she shocked and blew me away with her stage presence. 

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