September 27, 2014

New Music: Traci Braxton 'Crash & Burn' + "Last Call" [Music Video]

PHOTO CRED: Traci Braxton Instagram
The 'WANNABE' Braxton is about to hit us hard in the next weeks to come. Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' is finally releasing her debut album 'Crash & Burn'. For three seasons we've seen Traci complain about being in the shadows of her sisters Toni, Towanda, Trina and Tamar Braxton as they all had a piece of the music industry. Patiently Traci awaited her time and the time is now! 

On October 7th, Traci Braxton will release her LP 'Crash & Burn' for the world to hear. The LP's leading RnB single "Last Call" has already been on heavy rotation on the airwaves and the music video is just as beautiful as the song sounds. I'm so proud of Traci Braxton and I can't wait to hear the LP in it's entirety. The LP comes as a shocker because no one really ever though Traci would go forth with releasing an album. 

Check Out The Video For "Last Call" Below: