November 24, 2014


Photo Cred: DatPiff
The female reign in the music industry is rapidly taking over from being world entertainers, rappers, songwriters to even producers. In this day in age there are no limitations between young women when it comes to making their mark in the music industry, especially those taking the independent route. This young emcee/singer by the name Sydtastic from Atlanta, Georgia. Sydtastic is an up and coming rapper/songwriter/producer just released her new mixtape titled 'Six Deadly Sins'. 

Taking popular songs from rappers and singers, Sydtastic took them and spun them around her own way. Of course, she's rapping her own lyrics and stories on top of these beats, but the way she takes the songs and truly makes them her own is her phenomenal form of how she see's her music. Sydtastic's music reminds you of a 90's classic hip-hop with an early 2000's r&b vibe. I'll most describe her as a cross between Queen Latifah and MC Lyte

Listen Carefully, I Make My Musical Singing Debut On One Of Her Tracks!!!

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