December 4, 2014


January 17 at 8PM, Lifetime will premiere its biopic of the late great pop singer Whitney Houston. America's Next Top Model runner up YaYa DaCosta will be playing 'THE VOICE'. 

Just like the atrocious Aaliyah movie Lifetime debuted last month, Whitney's family gave no musical rights to the network and production. Here's the shocker, Angela Bassett is directed the entire movie. Without Whitney's music, I bet you're wondering where the music is coming from. Well, singer Deborah Cox recorded some of the songs that will be used in the movie and YaYa will have to lip sync to it. 

Angela Bassett says the movie will focus on the highs and lows of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, creating the ultimate music industry love story. The film will not focus on her untimely death. Earlier this year once the film was announced Whitney's daughter, Bobbi Kristina had some not so nice things to say about Angela Bassett not casting her in the movie. 

At least the photos look like the movie will be official, but without the original music and voice of Whitney, I don't think anyone can get into believing this movie is a true biopic. YaYa perfectly has Whitney's mannerisms down to a T. I'm not feeling the person playing Bobby Brown though. 

Watch The '15 Second Trailer.