September 27, 2014



In the midst of the crazy breakup early August of this year, it looks like the new sound and music will be released after all. If you haven't heard, early last year pop selling Making the Band girl group DANITY KANE sparked conversation by stating they were coming back as a group (Aundrea Fimbres, Aubrey O'Day, Shannon Bex and Dawn Richard), D.Woods decided to sit this one out due to work obligations that would interfere with her return to the group. 

Then once the group started working on their new music in the studio and went on a short mini comeback tour, member, Aundrea Fimbres resigned stating she wanted to start a family and that she'll continue to cheer on the three (Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon). With the hit radio buzz of the new trio's single "Lemonade" featuring Tyga, the pressure was on for the girls to create another number one album. 

In early August, the internet hit news of a physical altercation between Dawn and Aubrey which resulted in the girls terminating DANITY KANE as a group, indefinitely. Press releases were released by the three members regarding the incident, apologizing for the disappointment they've caused towards the fans. Within the statements neither of the women discussed the fate of their new album and music. 

Until now, Aubrey O'Day as well as Shannon Bex took to their Instagram accounts and posted a video stating the final DANITY KANE LP 'DK3' will be released October 10/28/14 and pre-sale begins 9/26/14. Along with pre-ordering the album you can listen to snippets of the album and automatically gain the groups popular tour song "Rhythm Of Love". 

Listen To "Rhythm Of Love" Below: 

Of course with in the bittersweet moment, Dawn Richard had to make a statement regarding the on goings of the release of the album. Looks as if Dawn MAY have threw a little bit of writer's SHADE for the album. See what Dawn had to say after the jump...



New Music: Traci Braxton 'Crash & Burn' + "Last Call" [Music Video]

PHOTO CRED: Traci Braxton Instagram
The 'WANNABE' Braxton is about to hit us hard in the next weeks to come. Traci Braxton of 'Braxton Family Values' is finally releasing her debut album 'Crash & Burn'. For three seasons we've seen Traci complain about being in the shadows of her sisters Toni, Towanda, Trina and Tamar Braxton as they all had a piece of the music industry. Patiently Traci awaited her time and the time is now! 

On October 7th, Traci Braxton will release her LP 'Crash & Burn' for the world to hear. The LP's leading RnB single "Last Call" has already been on heavy rotation on the airwaves and the music video is just as beautiful as the song sounds. I'm so proud of Traci Braxton and I can't wait to hear the LP in it's entirety. The LP comes as a shocker because no one really ever though Traci would go forth with releasing an album. 

Check Out The Video For "Last Call" Below: 

New Music: Battz x Joey Seitz x cNote 'King Vision: The Price Of Power' [Mixtape]


With the release of his second mixtape 'K.I.D. (King In Disguise)' just last year, Dezzy Breezy now Battz is about to release a compilation mixtape with the likes of rap camaraderie Joey Seitz and cNote. I've been told this is something different than what Battz has previously released. 

The mixtape is scheduled to drop sometime today as stated on Battz official Facebook page: 

When the mixtape becomes available for FREE download, I will post the link for your enjoying pleasure. For now listen to the single "Everyday" by Battz!


September 8, 2014

Solange Knowles Has NO FILTER!!!


This weekend our favorite outspoken Knowles sister, Solange spent her lively days with a friend in Las Vegas where she dove in an underwater shark tank water ride as well as the most visited Sin City roller coaster. As much fun as the unfiltered singer/writer/DJ/model had, she better slow it down on the rides because with all the excitement she almost lost her WIG!!! 

New Video: Alicia Keys "We Are Here"

Alicia Keys Wears Pregnancy So Beautifully! 

#WeAreHere is a new song Alicia Keys recorded and shot a video for regarding all the unfortunate sadness happening around the world today with police brutality, war, missing women, mistreatment and etc. Alicia Keys is currently pregnant with her second child by husband/producer Swizz Beats

New Music: Nick Jonas "Jealous"

Watch Out Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber & Miguel !!! 

Younger brother of the Jonas Brothers, Nick released his second single "Jealous" a follow up to the summer single "Chains". Leave it up to Nick to represent for the jealous guys out there when they become territorial of their woman. Nick means no disrespect or harm but he doesn't want anyone to come close to what's his. The song has a nice R&B feel. 

I don’t like the way he’s looking at you,
I’m starting to think you want him too.
Am I crazy, ?Have I lost ya.
Even though I know you love me,
Can’t help it.

I turn my cheek, music up,
And I’m puffing my chest.
I’m getting ready to face you,
Can call me obsessed.

It’s not your fault that they hover,
I mean no disrespect.
It’s my right to be hellish,
I still get jealous.

Listen To "Jealous" Below: 

Jordin Sparks Pens A Loving Tumblr Post About Her Dad & Loved Ones

Photo Cred: Jordin Sparks Instagram

Leave it to Jordin Sparks to give us something thoughtful and spiritual all in a Tumblr post. The American Idol winner and actress took the time out to post a loving letter about her father and taking the time out of her busy schedule to call up a few loved ones for memories. In the letter, Jordin describes how thankful she is to speak to her father on more than one occasion where he humbles her as well as learns more about the man who has known her all her life.

Jordin reminds us no matter how busy we are for anyone the importance of picking up that phone call, text, video chat or etc. will create memories that will live on forever. Live in the moment. Jordin Sparks titles the post 'When The Memories Flood In'. Jordin writes: 

"Last night, I got misty eyed listening to my song, Just For The Record. Not because it’s 7ish years old. (Which is CRAZY to me.) But because it was and is my Dad’s favorite. If this was a slideshow, you’d see all the times he would sing the tag line to me with a goofy grin on his face. How his face would light up when he heard the beginning instrumental with that tell-tale whistle. Oh, and when he would start to dance and really get into singing the song with me…

Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Expecting Their Second Child!

Photo Cred: E Online!
Congrats are in order to The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they announced they are expecting their second royalty child. Both family members are ecstatic of the news but could it be tears of joy for Prince Harry? He will now be knocked down to fifth in line for the throne as the new baby will move to the fourth in line. 

We're pretty sure Prince Harry has nothing but love for his new extended family. The Duke and Duchess have their one year old son, Prince George who was welcomed July 22, 2013. No word on if it's a boy or girl, but I'm hoping it's a girl so that Prince Harry can live with hope of becoming royalty realness! Imagine the royal family with a baby girl?! 


Ja Rule Reality Show 'Follow The Rules' Sneak Peek [Video]

Another Hip Hop Family Is Moving Into MTV...

Since MTV pulled the plug on the lovable family reality show 'Run's House', we have all been wonder who will take Rev Run's family's place. Beings though VH1 snagged T.I. and Tiny for 'The Family Hustle' it seems MTV has finally found its replacement. 

The Atkins family, head honcho New York rapper Ja Rule and his family will be hitting out television screens are they open up to us showcasing their crazy yet funny family dynamic. Produced by Ja Rule's comrade Irv Gotti, the Atkins aren't your typical Run's House family. MTV Programming President Susanne Daniels describes the show in the following statement as:

"Ja Rule is the modern-day reality rap star version of Bill Cosby’s role from ‘The Cosby Show,’” Daniels stated. “He embraces a unique parenting style with his teenage kids that feels fresh and funny. We’re excited to be in business with him and his delightful family."

Take A Look At The Sneak Peek Trailer After The Jump

September 7, 2014



Ever since Sam Smith's debut album 'In The Lonely Hour' released, there has been this one song I can't take off repeat, "Restart". It's something about the beat that reminds me of an 80s pop/r&b sound. Each time I listen, it reminds me of something Whitney Houston would have recorded back in her early recording days. 

Listen To Sam Smith's "Restart" Below:

Purchase In The Lonely Hour Via

Love & Hip Hop's Momma Dee's Tooth Falls Out During Single Showcase [VIDEO]


Well it hasn't been quite the weekend for Momma Dee. Seems as if Momma Dee's tooth is getting more attention than her single release showcase. YES, Momma Dee put on a 30-min SINGING showcase to commend her spiraling debut single "I Deserve". 

It is within this showcase around the 7:20 mark, her tooth felt it deserved to take a break and cause a mishap into her set. Quickly, Momma Dee caught on and placed that tooth back in order. The show continued after that. "I Deserve" is the only single Momma Dee owns and sang during her touching showcase. Momma Dee sang covers of great classic R&B hits. The showcase was phenomenally put together with a live band and she shocked and blew me away with her stage presence. 

For The Full 30-Min Showcase Continue After The Jump...

New Music: Jazmine Sullivan "Forever Don't Last"

Photo Cred: Forward Times Online

Jazmine Sullivan is back and hitting hard this year with all new music and an all new sound. Earlier this summer the Philly native released her new single "Dumb" featuring Meek Mill and now a new track, possibly her second single titled "Forever Don't Last" was uploaded to the songstress's SOUNDCLOUD account. 

The stripped down song showcases Jazmine's everlasting beautiful vocal range as she sings deep about the downfalls of love. Jazmine can never go wrong when singing about any type of relationship. Her third LP entitled 'Reality Show' will hit stores September 30th. 

Listen To The Powerful Voice & Lyrics Below:

New Video: Jhene Aiko "The Pressure"

Jhene Aiko IS Extremely BEAUTIFUL.

In two days Jhene Aiko's debut album 'Souled Out' will be available across the world for purchase. Jhene Aiko has been really doing her thing with big performances as well as releasing tracks to keep us on our toes of what's big to come form the Cali-Breed beauty. 

Jhene Aiko, released the visual for her latest single "The Pressure" directed by Childish Gambino. The video tells the story of the pressures of being in a relationship, putting up the facade everything is great when it really isn't and you don't want anyone to know the pain you're going through. 

Check It Out The Video Below:

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood 'EXTENDED TRAILER' [VIDEO]


Starting Monday, September 15th at 8PM ratchet tv on VH1 will be back with it's third installment of the Love & Hip Hop franchise with an all new cast and city. For a year it was reported some of your favorite rappers, singers, models have been living in a warp of dramatic events. 

Big names such as Ray J, Teairra Mari, Yung Berg, Omarion and Lil' Fizz. Of course, we'll be introduced to more characters as the stories unfold. From the extended trailer clip, we can see Hollywood will never be drama free. From parents not liking baby mothers, to being in open relationships, tabloid relationships crumbling we can't help but compare it to the other Love & Hip Hop cities, but since it's Hollywood of course the dramatic event level goes up about a 200%. 

Check Out The EXCLUSIVE Extended Trailer!

One Year Early For GUCCI MANE!

I Didn't Even Know Gucci Was Even Locked Up!

With all these rappers hopping on tracks left and right, I didn't know everyone's beloved Gucci Mane was incarcerated for gun possession just a year ago. Gucci's 39-month sentence was supposed to start last month (August 2014) but I guess Atlanta judge must've been a hardcore fan of Gucci after a big break he gave the rapper. 

The judge ruled Gucci Mane's sentence would start the time he went into jail. With that being said and dismissed, Gucci will now be released a year earlier, December 2016.

Anyone Miss The Brrrr Mane?! 

Nicki Minaj Teaches Alexander Wang Models 'Anaconda' Chair Routine

"F*%K THE SKINNY B!*&%ES, F*%K THE SKINNY B!*&%ES" - Nicki Minaj, Anaconda

UmmHmm, Nicki we see you're accepting skinny girls in the video for "Anaconda". "No, No, No, No Shade", right? Okay, so this weekend has been a star studded event during New York's Fashion Week this weekend. Celebrities left and right came out to support their favorite designers as well as see the new collections. 

The beautifully toned down Nicki Minaj took the time out to teach the Alexander Wang models the chair dance routine to her most talked about music video "Anaconda". Despite the raunchy lyrics to the sexually enticing song, the new Instagram video with the models looks pretty couture. 

Check Out The 15 Second Routine...

With all the tweaking and booty popping going on, Nicki has to follow rule numero uno when it comes to these model chicks...


Beyoncè Grateful Blesses Us With Her Thank Yous...

If you didn't know or probably live under a rock entertainer, Beyoncè celebrated her 33rd birthday on September 4th. As we all waited via Instagram on how Beyoncè was spending her day the Queen Bee, decided to wait until today to share a special acrobatic pic giving her thanks to all of those who wished the delectable beauty a happy birthday. The caption to her beautiful Instagram photo reads "Thank y'all so much for my birthday wishes ! 🐝🐝33!!!!!" 

Oh If You Didn't Know, Beyoncè celebrated her birthday with husband Jay Z in Portofino, Italy. Check out the couple's pics after the jump caught by paparazzi.

Kim Kardashian In 'Kardashian Kollection' Jumpsuit

We can't help but love Kim Kardashian in this 'Kardashian Kollection' strapless jumpsuit. The Kardashian girls have done a great deed by incorporating their signature looks into their clothing line. We love how bodied and couture it looks hugging Kim's curvy figure. YOU GO KIM! 

Check Out More Of Kardashian Kollection at LIPSY---> Click Here

September 6, 2014

New Music: Sia - Chandelier (Piano Version)

From her critically acclaimed debut album '1000 Forms of Fear', the lead single "Chandelier" has been released hitting the internet with it's more softer and toned down piano version. The incredible singer/songwriter, Sia shared with us the melodic version via her SOUNDCLOUD account. 

Take A Listen

R.I.P. Joan Rivers

1933 - 2014 
"I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.